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Creating Measureable and Sustainable Business Solutions for All Healthcare Stakeholders

At RPM Health, we work with healthcare purchasers, payers and providers. We understand the unique business requirements of each stakeholder. With our capabilities to assess risk, structure/negotiate financial arrangements and measure/manage service delivery and performance, we provide our clients with the foundation on which they can build successful long-term relationships with their business partner stakeholders.


Self-insured employers

Public sector entities

Private equity companies


National/regional health insurers

Managed care organizations


Provider organizations

Health systems

Integrated delivery systems (ACOs)

 Maximizing the value of your healthcare investment

RPM Health provides a unique blend of expertise, tools and perspective to help our clients successfully navigate the risks of providing or purchasing healthcare services. Whether our focus is developing effective reimbursement strategies on behalf of providers, analyzing the competitiveness of negotiated payment arrangements for payers or managing the procurement of health plans for large self-insured purchasers, we use the same information-driven approach to achieve successful, sustainable solutions. 

Our services fall into four categories using information as the common thread to drive the best solution.


Negotiation and Contracting

Strategy Development and Implementation

Healthcare Delivery



Financial Analysis

Risk Assessment

Performance Measurement

Claims Data Analysis and Interpretation



Market Analysis

Assessment of Payment Arrangements



Performance Management

Strategic Sourcing

Business Plan Development

Business Start-ups

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RPM Health is a results-driven, hands-on, risk and performance management firm with partner-level involvement in every client engagement. Contact us for additional information about our capabilities or services:

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