"Maximizing the value of your healthcare investment"

RPM Services:


RPM Health works with healthcare purchasers, payors and providers as both clients and business stakeholders. Working closely with all three gives us the experience and perspective needed to design and implement successful solutions to complex healthcare business problems.

Our services fall into four categories: Strategy, Analytics, Market Intelligence and Business Management Practices. The common thread that connects each of these is the reliance on information to drive the best solution.


  • Negotiation and Contracting
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Healthcare Delivery Transformation
  • Health Benefit Planning


  • Financial Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Claims Data Analysis and Interpretation

Market Intelligence:

  • Market Analysis
  • Assessment of Payor Payment Arrangements
  • Benchmarking

Business Management Practices:

  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management

The foundation of our approach is to implement strategies that produce sustainable value for our clients; this means that each stakeholder has to realize some benefit from the solution. One-sided arrangements can produce short term wins but tend to be more costly in the long run in terms of switching costs, poor performance and a high level of dissatisfaction by all parties. Our solutions are designed for sustainable success to deliver stability, predictability and better outcomes.

We invite you to learn about our capabilities and how we work with our clients and stakeholders.